Can I configure a Zap to only update existing SharpSpring records triggered by SugarCRM changes?

  • 16 August 2023
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We use the SharpSpring Create/Update lead action functionality for updating 1 specific contact field in SharpSpring. The trigger for this action is an updated record in SugarCRM. I would like this Zap to only update existing records and not to create new records if an email address doesn't exist in SharpSpring. I have tried filters and paths to make this work, but not with the wanted result so far. 


Anyone here to help me out?

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3 replies

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Hi @ChristelNL 

Good question.

One option would be to use a Lookup table such as GSheets or Airtable to reference in the Zap.


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Hi @ChristelNL ,

Thanks for reaching out.

I created a new feature request for the SharpSpring integration to have a Find Lead search, which you could then use to halt your Zap if it didn’t find anything.

This is in front of the developers at SharpSpring in charge of that integration, and since your email is listed there as a vote you’ll be the first to hear if it gets released.

Thanks @shalgrim, it would be very nice if SharpSpring could add that intergration. In the meanwhile I'll have a look at your solution @Troy Tessalone