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Can an Etsy purchase prompt the creation of a Kajabi account?

  • 15 December 2023
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Hello, I would like to sell a Kajabi course on my successful Etsy shop to drive more sales. Kajabi said to use Zapier, but I don’t know if my idea is possible:


I would like an Etsy purchase to prompt the creation of an automated Kajabi account.


Upon creation of the account, Kajabi would send an email with the purchaser’s automated log-in details that they could update after they log in. When I bought a course on Kajabi via a website, I was sent an email with my automated log-in details; it worked well for me, so I’m trying to emulate that.


My question is: is this idea possible and what zaps would I need to make? I have limited experience making zaps, having previously used zaps to integrate a webinar sign-up with mailing list (it worked!)


I searched the Help Center, the bot was any help, and the sales ticket reply was to ask the community. So here I am! Any idea is appreciated. Thank you.


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5 replies

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Hi @Chung 

Zap apps can be searched here:

Each Zap app has a profile page that lists the available triggers/actions.

e.g. Kajabi:



You can also ask AI for help with outlining the Zap steps.


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The issue you will have is that there isn’t currently an integration with Etsy. 

If Etsy give you some API access you may be able to have a developer build something perhaps using a webhook as a trigger.

We used KEAP and Thinkific and built a zap based off a Shopify new order trigger that added the client to Keap put them into a campaign and enrolled them into a Thinkific course.

So you are on the right lines with the sort of zap you want to build, unfortunately just not yet.


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If you get an email from Etsy, then you may be able to use that to trigger a Zap.

@Troy Tessalone, thank you for the links--I didn’t know those tools were available to me.

@Badger, thank you for sharing your experience with selling an online course. I do know a developer, and I’ll share my thoughts with them.

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Hi there @Chung,

I did a quick check on our integrations, and it looks like Etsy hasn't built an integration with us yet.

Most new Zapier integrations are built by the company or team that created the app, so I'd recommend you also encourage their team to add their app to Zapier via our developer platform:

Nevertheless, I've added your vote to our internal app wishlist, and we'll be sure to let you know if/when this app is added to Zapier.

In case you're curious, here's more on how new services typically get added to Zapier:

I'm sorry we don't have this for you right now—please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions, and I'd be happy to help!