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Can a Zap process each line of a new google sheet?

  • 2 August 2022
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Hey all, 

I have a zap that is triggered by a new Gravity Forms entry. It takes the entry and searches Salesforce to see if the person exists (by email), then goes through a series of other steps. 


Every couple weeks, I get a google sheet of names that need to go through the same process. Is there a way to take a google sheet and run it through that same zap (or a modified version) where each row is a record?


I’ve thought of using the gsheet trigger (new spreadsheet in a Drive) but I’m not sure how to structure the zap so that it goes through the spreadsheet row by row. 


Any ideas on how to solve this (whether by using gsheet trigger or some other approach?)




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7 replies

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Hi @SUN staff 

Zapier has a feature called Transfer, you can find it here:

You can use that to go over all the rows in a google sheet and do action based on the rows.

Alternatively if you want to run it automatically in a Zap, you can use Google Sheet - Find Many Rows with loop by Zapier. It is however bit advanced and only works with up to 20 rows

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Hey there @SUN staff 

Just to add to the great suggestions above from @robschmidt 

If Looping by Zapier looks a bit daunting, you can also use a more simple Zap from Google Sheets to achieve this, We have a guide for that here: 

This wouldn't be as automatic but would avoid the limitation of only working for up to 20 rows.

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Hi @SUN staff 

Good question.

Check out this related help topic:


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One more option that works on a scheduler.. but could me modified to trigger when a new file is added to Drive or emailed to Zapier. 


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So many awesome suggestions here! 😍 


Thanks all, really appreciate the responses.

I ended up creating a Zap that triggers on a new Gsheet row. I’ll just paste the rows into the specific gsheet which processed multiple rows in my testing. 

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@SUN staff 

Beware of flood protection if you are pasting data in bulk...


Flood protection and held items


If you have a large number of items (100+) that trigger a Zap at once, Zapier holds them for you and sends you an email requesting your confirmation. This helps to prevent a large number of actions from running by mistake and protects your task limit.