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available commands we can automate with WHMCS

what are the available commands we can automate with WHMCS using Zapier (triggers & actions)
could you please explain?


Best answer by christina.d 18 April 2022, 23:05

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Hello @rahulkg86!

It looks like you found the integration page for Zoho Campaigns and WHMCS, so is it safe to assume these are the two apps you’re using?

If you scroll down a bit further on that page, you’ll see “Supported triggers and actions”. Triggers are when something happens - for example a new contact in Zoho Campaigns - and it causes an action in WHMCS - for example creating a new client in WHMCS.

What are you looking to do? Perhaps we can help you figure out which trigger and action to use!


Thank you for the response. yes we are using whmcs . (and planning to use zoho )

and I need to know how this works , ie you have a module for zoho campaigns +whmcs and what we need is to install and configure that module in whmcs  ? if so what are the steps we need to follow?

Also you told there are many triggering features here like when a client is added in zoho campaign , we can trigger some function and make something do in whmcs , if so how can we achieve this ? do your module provides hooks for this purpose ?

please let me know how zapier module for zoho campaign+whmcs works , if you have any documentation link, please provide that too.


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Perfect. Thanks for the clarification.

To help in your overall understanding of how Zapier works, I’d recommend checking out Zapier 101. I think Section 3 might be the most helpful to you as it goes over workflows, creation, etc. Lots of really helpful knowledge that will get you up and running - regardless of application! Here’s a link:

At a super high level, Zapier works by letting users of thousands of different apps connect those apps. In this situation, it sounds like you’re already a customer of WHMCS and will be a customer of Zoho soon. Both of these applications have individual logins and Zapier will help you login to both (term: authorization) and get them to talk to each other using a really simple interface. We’ve already built the hooks for you!

if you’re looking for advanced help building out workflows, you might want to look at hiring an Expert. They’ll be able to work with you to understand your workflow and business case and build out the perfect solution. You can find more info on them here:



Thank you for the response. I have checked the videos you gave.

But here we are discussing about connecting our two apps -zoho and whmcs through zapier . But do you have any documentation guide that shows step to step procedure for connecting them ?

For example, I see its possible to create a client in whmcs when a new contact is added to zoho . But is there any possibility of the reverse action, ie when a user got registered with whmcs, is it possible to add him in zoho’s particular segment ?

Also do you have any video tutorial for all functions possible with whmcs+zoho integration ? Dont want to hire but want to execute ourselves. so if guide /video is available for the above zap, I think its quite helpful.


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Hi there, @rahulkg86!

At the moment, a New Client Trigger for WHMCS is not available. That said, I can see you’ve been added to that feature request by my friends in support! This is the quickest way stay in the loop if and when that trigger does become available as you’ll get an email. We’ll also be sure to update this thread. 😊

While we do have a ton of helpful resources like the ones Jillian linked to since we support several thousand different apps it’s not always possible to provide documentation for every integration scenario. 

You did find the WHMCS + Zoho Campaigns Integration page which goes over some of the scenarios possible, including all available triggers and actions for both apps! There’s even some helpful “How to Get Started” starting points for each specific app.

I hope some of this gets you pointed in the right direction, friend! Keep us posted on your success!