Auto-validating Comments when Timesheets are submitted in Harvest

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I’d like to know if this was possible in Zapier and if so, where best to start.


We use Harvest for timesheets that are integrated with Zendesk. So when staff submit their timesheet, each line in their timesheet should a comment referencing a ticket. Sometimes they don’t

e.g Date   Hrs       Comments

      3/5/21 1.0hr    <blank>  

      4/5/21 1.5hr    #12345:This is a ticket and good for billing

      6/5/21 2 hr     some comment - without a ticket, it may be queried.


Ideal Scenario

  1. When the harvest user submit their timesheet, the data would also be submitted to Zapier for validation
  2. In the above case, timesheet entries on 3/5/21 and 6/5/21 do not contain a ticket reference as the first character of the comment does not equal to: “#”
  3. It would send an email to the harvest user requesting them to review ticket reference on 3/5/21 and 6/5/21/

I don’t there is currently a trigger when harvest timesheets are submitted.(Step 1)

I don’t know where to start with validating the data (Step 2)

Sending the email (Step 3) would be the easy part.




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Hi @adbell 

Harvest triggers and actions can be found here: 

Ultimately, step 2 would depend how the data looks when it is returned from the trigger. If you can set up the trigger and provide a screenshot of how the data is returned I can assist further. But it may require Looping by Zapier to loop through each time log and a Filter by Zapier step to only continue if the comments did not contain # 

Code by Zapier could also be used but would be more advanced. 

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Many thanks @GetUWired . There is a trigger for New timesheet Entry which I will try. I was hoping that it might be able to trigger just once a week when the user submits the timesheet. A user may make over 50 entries during the week so it will potentially generate lots of emails. Anyway, I’ll do more investigation. Many thanks for assisting. 


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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

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@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu - Thanks for asking. The helpful team at Zapier sent through some suggestions which I’ve yet to try. We have to move office this weekend and have a project going live so haven’t a chance to get back to it. I’ll hopefully work on this next week and will report back. Cheers.