airtable field formatting to discord doesn't work properly

  • 7 November 2020
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Hi, I have to get data from our airtable into discord. Some field work fine, but others get totally strange output. Like a field which in airtable is a duration format (10:30), so 10 hours and 30 minutes, gets something like 43000 in zapier. Other fields (single field) go well but others same single field get strange output like recfnoLsxalhad1. I tried zapier formatting but no solution. Anyone knows how to solve this?


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5 replies

Thanks, but I am not talking about “the headers” but the inforecords themselves. For instance look at callsign, it give nice AFKLKM250 in Slack but it gives this in Discord:

While airline gives both in Slack as in Discord the right output.
So it's the record itself I can't get right in Discord.

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Hi @John370 - Are you still needing help here? If so, please let us know and @andywingrave can take a look.

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Hey! A screenshot would be super helpful in aiding us to point you in the right direction here. Please can you take a screenshot of:

  1. the output when it works
  2. The output when it doesn’t work
  3. The set-up of your task

in Slack it works perfect, like this:


In Discord it comes out like this:

it's programmed like this:


so a field like “callsign” is the same type of field as “airline” but the first comes out like “recm VBZZZln….” while airline is perfect.

Does this gives you some good info?

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Hey that’s because the native Slack and Airtable integration has done all the work for you. For this, you need to format everything before sending it, 

Discord is just accepting the string of text you are sending it, but before you turn on this step you need to first add in your own text and spacing.