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Adding multiple rows to Excel

  • 14 August 2020
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Hey! I have a Gravity Form that contains line item data, and I’m trying to add each line item to its own row in an Excel spreadsheet. I can’t figure out how I need to format the data to make it appear on individual rows - everything I’ve tried thus far sticks all my data in one cell.

The data from Gravity Forms comes in as: 

  • Input1: data1, data2, data3
  • Input2: dataA, dataB, dataC

Here’s what I’ve tried with Formatter:

  • Text: Split Text - the separator being “,” and having the output be both line items and separate fields
    • It didn’t matter if the output was “data1, data2, data2” or [“data1”], [‘”data2”], [“data3”]… it would still place everything in one cell instead of splitting it up into rows in Excel
  • Utilities: Line Itemizer - when running this, the Data Out was correct -
    • 0:
      • Test: data1
      • Test2: dataA
    • 1:
      • Test: data2
      • Test2: dataB
    • etc…
  • But when I try to add that to Excel, the only output it allows me to select is how the data went in… formatted back to “data1, data2, data3”

I’m at a loss of what else to try. Thoughts?


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7 replies

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For anyone needing an answer for this… this worked like a charm: 


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It involves webhooks, filter, and code.

Message me directly if you’d like me to configure this for you.

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I didn’t know you could create a looping Zap. How would I implement that?

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Might have to use create a looping Zap that takes each line item and adds it as a new row in Excel

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Adding an update: I’ve now tried a webhook, and I’m still running into the same problem - it’s dumping all my data into one cell.

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@Troy Tessalone  Unfortunately, I can’t use GSheets. The data coming in needs to be stored securely on my company’s OneDrive account, and GSheets doesn’t live up to the security standards our IT department requires.

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Try GSheets instead