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Adding more than 3 paths

  • 19 March 2021
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Is there any plan to increase paths to more than 3?


Best answer by Doyle 3 September 2021, 20:49

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5 replies

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Hi @Buttonjer,

You can add up to 3 paths and 3 more nested paths in a single Zap. A nested path is a path within another path, so that makes a total of 9 paths can be added.

Read more here: Add more paths to your Zap 

Add more paths to your Zap


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Thanks, I did read this. I am needing to create an automation that requires 10 paths. Separate paths also, not nested. So I am asking if they are going to increatse from the current capactiy of 3.

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Hi @Buttonjer 

You can get more paths on a per Zap basis by making a request to Zapier Support:

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Hey @Buttonjer!

Zapier defaults to a limit of 3 Paths with up to 3 nested paths within each. The reason for these path limitations is due to the exponential increase in complexity with each additional path. The larger a zap gets the more time the zap will take to validate and we can potentially run into editor stability issues when building these much larger zaps and can even hit issues with turning the zaps on.

I see that you wrote into our Support team and were able to build the workflow within 3-4 separate Zaps with different Path conditions 👍

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Some news to share with @Buttonjer, and the whole Zapier Community. You can now add up to 5 Paths in your Zaps! ⚡️

Still, like @Troy Tessalone noted before, our Support team could help to increase the limit for a particular Zap, or advise on another method that’s right for your workflow.