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Adding a row to a Google Sheet which creates a New G Drive Folder & adds a link to the row in the Google Sheet

  • 21 June 2021
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I’m trying to create a Zap that will enable me to…




  •  Add A new row to a G sheet file


  • Create a folder in my G Drive when a new row is added to a G Sheet
  • Add a link to the folder into a cell within the row that was added to the G Sheet


So far I can create a Zap that will add the new folder, but I can’t figure out how to get the link, and insert it into the new row of the G Sheet. I need the G Sheet to look like this


Folder Link First Name Last Name  Address
Link to P-Smith Folder Pat Smith NYC
Link to J-Doe Folder John Doe NYC




I think that it can be done, based on the question uploaded by this user. but I can’t figure out how to get it working...



Is there a pre-made Zap for this, or how can I get the link added to the new row in the G Sheet ?




Thanks in Advance




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4 replies

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Hi @Donal,

The trigger should be a new row added in gsheets.:


Then add a create folder in gdrive step:

Then add an update g sheet row step and use the variables from the first step to find the row that was pulled and for the link to the folder, use the id of the gDrive from step to to populate the link.


Happy Zapping! 🤓🎉

Hi XRay Tech,


Thanks for the fast reply and this makes sense.


One Question: Will this add a link to a new row every time I add one, as this is where I was going wrong?
I thought by using the format that you showed (1.Row ID:3) would keep adding the link to the same row every time, instead of adding a new link to each new row.



Thanks Again,


Hi @Donal,

If you still need assistance with this, here is a 2 min video about the solution.


Hi robotsarenice,


I got it completed using the same approach that you used in the video with one change. I wrapped the folder link in a formula as follows…


=HYPERLINK("", "View Folder")


Then when someone views the Google Sheet they will see a link called “View Folder” instead of the full URL.