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Add to mailchimp based on content of gmail email?

  • 28 March 2020
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My goal: When I receive an email in my inbox, zapier to take content from the email add add to mailchimp lists


The problem: When I go to select which data to import into the mailchimp fields, I can select the entire body of the message, or the subject, or the “to” or “from” address but not bits and pieces.


Is there a way to accomplish this? Such as special tags I can include in the email. It’s a dynamically generated email from my CRM with content I can import from each client record


thanks in advance!


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Hi there!

I see that you’ve got a couple of conversations with our support team, involving the email parser. Is that in relation to the same issue that you’re asking about here? I want to make sure that we’re addressing all of your questions, but if it’s a duplicate I can close it out here :)

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Hey @levity,

We just wanted to follow up here regarding your use case. It looks like our support team replied to you to recommend using our Email Parser. That being said, our Parser is pretty basic and works best when the e-mail is formatted like this:


If you are trying to hunt for text that is buried inside other text, such as HTML, you might have trouble getting this to work properly. There are a few things you can try to help this:

1. You can define a few extra templates to give us some extra information to parse with. Visit your mailbox history (by clicking the “Last Email” date on your Parser Dashboard) and click “Edit extra template” and tag that email. Every extra template you tag gives us more data to work with.
2. Try a few different engines—if you visit your mailbox edit page you can swap between available engines. Give each a try for a little while and see if they do better.

More on both of those are here:

If neither of those suggestions help, you might want to check out a service like, which is a bit more robust of an email parsing engine. You can see all the mail parsing apps that Zapier supports by doing a search for “parse” here:

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction!