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Add a link to Azure DevOps Work board

  • 20 January 2023
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So I am trying to integrate ZenDesk and Azure DevOps. What we’d like to do is the following:

  1. New ticket comes into ZenDesk
  2. This triggers a Create New Work Item Action in the zap. and this works fine
  3. It creates a new work item and that works all dandy. Now there is a parent work item that I want this newly created work item to be a child of.
  4. I added a step after the Create New Work Item Action in my zap, to Add a link to an existing work item ( the intent is to make the newly created work item a child link to that already existing one)
  5. the issue I am facing is that It is being created as a hyperlink not as a child link. See the photo below for more detail:

To better explain the photo: My work item is being created as  the highlighted hyper link, where I would like it to be created as a child link, such as the ones directly above it under the “Child” section.


Thank you in advance!




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Hey @stevenHaberTEch, welcome to the Community! 👋

Ah, yes that’s the expected behaviour with the Add Link to Work Item, it merely adds a hyperlink, it doesn’t link the item to another item. I did some checking and the ability to create child/sub items isn’t currently available with the Azure DevOps apps. There’s a feature request open for this so I’ve added your vote for that functionality to be added.

Sorry to not have a more immediate solution here. We’ll be sure to email you as soon as it becomes possible to create child items. And we’ll share any updates in the thread here as and when they happen!

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Thank you for your swift response!