Add a Flickr photo to Tumblr

  • 30 June 2021
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This is my first Zap. I would like to create this workflow: when I add a new photograph to Flickr, it should get added to Tumblr.

I have successfully set up the Zap, but there appears to be two Flickr API data entities missing:

  1. Flickr posts have two text areas: ‘Title’ and ‘Description’. It seems Zap is only making ‘Description’ available, but called ‘Title’.  I would like to refer to both ‘Title’ and ‘Description’.
  2. I would like the URL of the Flickr post, not the URL of the actual image.

There does not appear to be much activity regarding Flickr on Zap - am I alone?



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1 reply

I have figured out how to create a custom URL that fits my requirements, it does work, but the format seems strange:

Zap click-through link:<Ownername>/<ID>/

Should be:

I am still looking for Title and Description.


Thank you.