Best answer is appending ?from_url incorrectly to outbound URLs that contain a hash

  • 11 August 2020
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We currently have a Zapier App (screenshot attached). The issue lies in when a user clicks on the blue “Click here to learn more“ link in the New Participant Reward event.

The issue: The webpage is naively appending a ?from_url URL parameter to the click, but hashes aren’t factored in. This ends up with a malformed URL, and the user isn’t directed to the appropriate anchor upon landing on the webpage.

This is the original URL that we want users to go to:

But this is what Zapier is turning the URL into:


This is what we would expect Zapier to turn the URL into:

Unfortunately, this is an issue that I haven’t been able to make any sort of workarounds whatsoever (DNS, server-side, and third-party tool).


Any thoughts, Zapier Dev team? Does this look like a bug?


Thank you


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3 replies

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Thank you both! @nicksimard @PaulKortman 

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Hi @kevinsy!

That definitely seems like a bug, and an unfortunate one since I can’t think of a way for you to get around it behaving that way. I’m going to file a bug report for this and add you as an affected user. You’ll be notified when that’s been resolved!

In the meantime, the way you’ve done it, specifying which section to check, is about the best workaround I can think of.

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@kevinsy that is frustrating and indeed is an unintended consequence. I’ve escalated this to Zapier’s support team. Hopefully, they’ll chime in here quickly