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What's the best way to Market to the existing Zapier user base as an 'Early Access' integration?

  • 30 August 2019
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We have gotten some interest in our integration but I would love to know how others have gone about marketing to existing Zapier users.

If you have any tips for getting people to try your integration I would love to know any to help us out.

Our integration:



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One idea for you might be to create some content online that showcases what the integration can do and why it might be useful for someone to use it.

For example, you could create a blog post that describes, "How to __________ with Zapier and EasyCSV" (where the words in the blank describe a big problem that people are trying to solve which your integration helps them with).

You might also create a YouTube video that shows how easy it is to solve that problem using your Zapier integration and your product.

And maybe there are multiple problems that can be solved using your integration, in which case you can create multiple blog posts and YouTube videos — one dedicated to each problem.

The great thing about using an approach like this is that people are likely to find your blog post and/or YouTube video when they search Google for solutions to the problem(s) that your integration helps them solve.

I've found myself searching Google for solutions and — since I'm a Zapier user — I'll throw the word, "Zapier," at the end of my search just to see if someone has connected a system to Zapier that would help me. I would imagine that other Zapier users might be inclined to do something similar, but even if they don't use the word, "Zapier" in their search query, they'll be more likely to click on a search result that mentions Zapier in the title than on one that doesn't. So in that way, you stand a good chance of reaching existing Zapier customers.

Another idea might be to reach out to the editorial team that runs Zapier's blog to see if they have any upcoming posts that are targeted at the type of user that would benefit from your integration. I'm not 100% certain what your integration does, so I'm not able to provide a specific idea here, but I do know that the Zapier blog is a great way to reach Zapier users. If the editors aren't already working on something that might be useful to the kinds of people your integration is designed to help, then perhaps you could suggest a story idea or two that they might start working on for the future. Either way, helping the editorial team understand how your product helps readers might just get you a mention (and link!) in the Zapier blog.

I hope these ideas are helpful!

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Thanks @TheDavidJohnson!