using the session-auth example's bundle.authData.sessionKey variable in other request's

  • 29 May 2020
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I was wondering how the bundle.authData.sessionKey variable is used in the session-auth example.

Within the authentication.js there is the bundle with the fields username and API key to request the sesson key from an API ( getSessionKey() ) , then this variable is able to be used in a subsequent request ( includeSessionKeyHeader() ). how does this seperate bundle (that originally only had the API key and username) update to include the sessionKey?

and subsequently how can this sessionKey variable be used in other scripts, like the recipe example, to parse the session key in the header of the request?

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Hi @m.soto!


I’m sorry it’s taken us a little while to have a reply on this post. Do you still need some help with this issue or were you able to figure it out?