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Using Line-items to loop through multiple emails in gmail search results

  • 10 August 2019
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Hi there,

I'm trying to clean up my inbox by using a push trigger (say I've been gone for a while and I want all emails from a certain list to be archived) so I've got the push trigger set up, and I add an action step for gmail to do a search, but on the edit template screen I notice this:

Note: Only one email will be returned by the search.

My goal is to have the emails return as line items, or for the rest of the zap to "fork" on those items so I can take action, like archiving the email or something like that.

Outside of creating a new Zapier integration for gmail, is there another way to do this?

I'll be digging into Apps Scripts as I've only ever used it with Sheets/Docs/Drive but I assume I can use it with gmail as well... just wanted to know if anyone here has a better/different idea?

(I'm still going to trigger via a push/button/chrome extension, the call the Google Apps script which will return a comma separated list of IDs matching the search, and then do my subsequent steps on each of those emails. )


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Hey @PaulKortman, this is a tough one! I've even checked with my team here and we're not sure there is a great way to accomplish this through Zapier - sorry about that! We'll leave this thread open, though, incase others have any ideas as time goes on. :)