Use CloudKit Web Services' authentication flow in combination with Zapier

  • 21 December 2020
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Hi all,

I'm developing a Mac app that uses CloudKit as its back-end. Some of my users are requesting the ability to ingest and extract data via an automation/integration service such as Zapier. For this, I need to introduce a web API.

I am planning to use CloudKit Web Services to access the app's data. This data is user-specific and hence, resides in a private database. As a result, CloudKit requires user authentication as described here.

Essentially the user needs to be redirected to an Apple-hosted authentication page. After successful authentication, an authentication token is provided that can be used for data operations. Similar to how OAuth2 works, but different enough to not work with Zapier's (or probably any other similar services) supported authentication schemes.

Who has done something similar? What are my options? I want to keep things as simple as possible and make my web API's implementation as thin as possible.



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3 replies

Priorities shifted a bit so haven’t been diving into this yet. But my question is still valid.

What would be perfect for me is a Zapier SDK that I can import into my app in order for the user to push data from my app to his/her Zapier account and trigger some sort of process to get the data in his/her system of choice.

Currently I don’t see another way of introducing a custom web API on my end to have Zapier access data, right?

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Hey @ikbelkirasan any insight into this one? Also, @nielsmouthaan are you still running into issues here? Let us know! Would love to collaborate on a solution. 

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Tagging @ikbelkirasan as he can probably help here.