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  • 21 April 2020
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I have a webhook to trigger a custom app. 
This accesses an API and returns an JSON array 
now I want to use this (complete) JSON array to be send over to Filemaker making use of a post web hook 

the ‘problem’ is that even when I use the ‘raw’ data of the app , the JSON array gets ‘worked over’ by zapier, giving me only the values without the formatting . This produces 2 problems, i can’t use the individual item / results because of some NULL values of 1 field and because of a lot of ‘CR’ in another field 

Also the ‘raw’ data of results gives me no formatting like “ 

So I either need to change the output of the custom app (which I do not know how) or change the way zapier ‘works over’ the data so that I get the pure JSON array.  I have thought about using a RAW web hook POST but I get stuck there. I use the manual from


so I create a POST web hook as a form, ( I need to use -db, -lay- and -new data fields) but also If I set this to RAW webhook, I still do not get the unformatted JSON array 

any help would be appreciated ! 


just for info , this is the code my custom app uses :


const options = {
  url: '',
  method: 'GET',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'Accept': 'application/json',
    'Authorization': `Bearer ${bundle.authData.access_token}`
  params: {
    '$select': 'Class_01, Class_02, Class_03, Class_04, Class_05, Class_06, Class_07, Class_08, Class_09, Class_10, Code, CostPriceNew, EndDate, GLCosts, GLRevenue, GLStock, ID, IsMakeItem, IsPackageItem, IsPurchaseItem, IsSalesItem, IsStockItem, IsSubcontractedItem, ItemGroup, NetWeightUnit, Notes, SearchCode, StartDate, Unit,PictureUrl,CostPriceNew,CostPriceStandard,Description,ExtraDescription,ItemGroupDescription, Stock',
    '$filter': `ItemGroup ne guid'${bundle.inputData.Code}'`

return z.request(options)
  .then((response) => {
    const results = z.JSON.parse(response.content);

    // You can do any parsing you need for results here before returning them

    return {results};


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Hi @job I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble here. 


I think I’ve understood what you said, but can I check something. Did you say that you had tried the Catch Raw Hook Webhooks action? And that still added some formatting to the output, is that right?


There should be a field with the Catch Raw Hook action that is called ‘Raw body’ that gives you just the body, without any changes. Could you take a look and check that you’re not getting that with the Catch Raw Hook trigger? Thanks!