Raw trigger data to be used in action

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I am trying to create an action, that takes the output of whatever trigger the Zap creator/user chooses, and takes that arbitrary data as input. I do not know how the data is structured, or what the fieldn names are called, but I would just like the raw output as a string. Then I can handle it as I please when it has been posted to my API.



I have created a Google Sheet, with first_name, last_name and phone_number. I use the Google Sheet trigger with added or updated row (any_row). This trigger fine. It return id, row, COL$A, COL$B, COL$C and a hash.

In the action I am creating, I do not know the named: firts_name etc. How do I get the data into a field called i.e. “data”, to be posted to my API. Since it can be an arbitrary Zap Trigger, I cannot rely on the names being the same as for the Google Sheet Trigger.


Is this possible?


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