Polling Trigger: Return only the new items?

  • 1 June 2023
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Hello folks,


I’m new to Zapier, I’m working on the integration with my web app. The documentation is not entirely clear (at least what I have read). So I have a few questions:

 Zapier will include a parameter like last_fetch or last_id or something in order to my endpoint just return only new items since the last one? Os this is something I need to handle on my end? Also, Zapier will detect duplicate/same items using and “id” attr if is included on each item?


Thanks for your help,

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1 reply

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Hi Mauricio, 

Excellent questions!

Zapier will NOT include any sorting or filtering parameters in the polling request by default. 

However, if your API supports such a parameter, you can certainly add it to the request’s parameters. 

If your API does not support such a parameter, this workaround might be worth exploring:

Regarding detecting duplicates, you’re spot on: For polling triggers, Zapier will use each record’s id property to determine which records should be ignored and which it should trigger on. The following resource explains that process, deduplication, in detail: