Nested dynamic dropdown & textbox not working

  • 28 July 2021
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Hi Folks,

I created an app on zapier (dummy name) “xyz”.

I am a developer of “xyz” app who is integrating the “xyz” plugin into zapier.

I was making the action form, in that I require a flow  

Field 1 - Input Field (Dynamic Dropdown)   

Field 2 - Dynamic Field (Dropdown)   

Field 3 - Dynamic Field (TextBox)

On selection of Field 1, I want to load data in Field 2 -  This I am able to do perfectly by setting “Alters Dynamic Fields” checkbox true in Field 1 & by making Field 2 from “FieldSchema.js” of zapier

Now, when I am trying for same feature between Field 2 & Field 3 

I allowed { altersDynamicField : true } in Field 2 & { default : bundle.inputData.Field2 } in Field 3 

Field 3 is not getting that default text - I even tried putting static text like { default : “hello” } which is not working.

I also tried with simple inputField having Default Text (in input Designer) as “random text” - it was showing “random text” in preview form field - but was not showing on actual action form field.

Can anybody please help. Thanks in Advance.

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