Multiple requests on the same action

  • 31 December 2020
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I’m trying to do 2 requests in my action. The user enters his mail for the creation of an action but before the creation of the action I need to make a request to get the id of the mail entered in the form.


Thanks for your help,

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6 replies

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Are you developing a custom integration with an app? What systems are you trying to connect?

Hi, I’m working on a course creation for my company. And in the Action to create a course the user has to enter the mail of the professor in the form. But in the body of the request to create a course the API need the id of the professor. 
So I need to make a request to get the Id of the professor first and then with it make the request to create the course.


Is it possible ?

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Hi @frenchRiver!

From what you’ve described it sounds like you’ll need to make a separate call to get the ID of the professor. You can then use the result of that call to insert into the step that’s creating the course.


Are you trying to do this using webhook actions in a Zap, or are you trying to develop your own Zapier integration for the app that manages your courses? If you’re currently using webhooks and need to do a few different things, you may find that it’s worth creating your own integration with the software that you’re connecting to. For example, if you developed your own integration, you could make a create course action that has a dropdown selection for Professor built into the action, which would then send the correct ID to create the course. 


You can learn more about creating an integration for Zapier on the platform pages:

Hi @Danvers ,


I’m doing my own integration. And yes it is two seperate call to the same API. But I need the first call to get the ID from the professor and use this ID in the second call. Then show the result of the second call. 

I didn’t understand the dropdown selection’s mention you talk about. Can you give more details or a link to try it if you think it will resolve my problem.



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Hi @frenchRiver 


For the dropdown, I mean this kind of dropwdown: 

In this case, the Zap editor makes a call to the Google API to get the list of Google Drives on the account, which means that the next part of the action can use that information (ie it uses the selected drive to then find the Google Sheet to update).


As you’re making your own integration, I’m going to move this post to the Developer Discussion category as you’ll be able to get more help with the technical details of how to do that. 

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Yes! You can make multiple requests to support a single action execution.  If you’re developing in the UI, you’ll need to drop into “code mode” and write javascript to chain those requests and promise handlers together.  If you share some more details, code snippets of where you’re getting stuck someone in this community can help you move forward.