Line Items configuration help.

  • 26 March 2022
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So I’m working to build a zapier integration for our service. The data payload we send has a few different sets of arrays which I understand zapier refers to as “Line Items” 

I cannot figure out to work with these for the life of me. For example, we return a “contact like object” that, for the sake of this conversation, looks like 



     first_name: “jane”,
     last_name: “doe,
     email: “”,


     first_name: “john”,
     last_name: “doe,
     email: “”,

When I test the Zap, it sees the object and displays them as line items. But when I got to access the data, the first name key returns a comma-separated list of each object's first name. I.e. “jane, john”. This is useless. 

So I searched, found, and played with the Formatter tool and Looping by Zapier, but no matter what I do or how I configure these according to the docs, I still end up with the exact string. 

For example, I tried to dumb it down and make a google spreadsheet adding a row just like it outlines in this article: I followed this exactly, and it didn’t work. The result was a single row added where first_name was “jane,john”

What am I missing? Why is this so difficult?

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2 replies

I resolved this issue yesterday and did not hit submit on my resolution. 

​​​@Troy Tessalone, I’m referring to building a Zapier app. However, the specific issue was that a test zap would not enable. 

The issue was resolved by changing what my subscribe and unsubscribe webhooks returned.  
When I began, my subscribe endpoint was returning a simple 200 header. As it turns out, Zapier expects a complete JSON response from that endpoint. Once I started producing a JSON payload with a status, the zap was successfully enabled. 

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Hi @jonathansimmons 

Can you clarify if you are building a Zap that uses an app in a step OR if you are building a Zap app on the Zapier Platform?