Is meta.zap.user.timezone safe to use in an integration?

  • 28 July 2023
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I’m developing a new integration (using the Zapier cli) for the company I work for. Our API returns Date-Times in UTC . We think our users would find that confusing so we were thinking it might be good to convert those times into the users local time zone. When developing, we see that the bundle passed to the trigger contains the zap’s timezone at meta.zap.user.timezone. So, in our integration we could just decide to reuse that timezone there and make the adjustments. That said, I don’t see any specific documentation for meta.zap.user.timezone anywhere and the field includes the words:

        "This data structure is provided for backwards compatibility,",        "and should not be relied upon in a Zapier integration."


So this begs the question: is meta.zap.user.timezone stable for us to use? Or will it be problematic?

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