How to set custom activation error messages?

  • 19 July 2021
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Currently, we are building our Zapier integration using the CLI + zapier-platform-core@8.0.1. Most of our triggers have been converted to instant types meaning that we create webhooks on our side whenever a zapp gets turned on. We impose a limit to the number of webhooks a user can create and as a result, there is a limit to how many zapps a user can create using triggers with our connector. We want to have a way to alert the user when they attempt to turn on a zapp that would push them over the limit. Currently, a status code of 400 is thrown on our side and I am able to see these errors on the zapier developer dashboard, but the UI the user sees does not give any indication of the error happening when turning on the zapp. In fact, we noticed that the UI appears to show the zapp turned on but when they refresh the page, the zapp is turned off and they get a generic email a few moments later. Is there a way to alert the user in the UI whenever they attempt to turn on the zapp that fails? Currently, I am throwing an error in the code but that doesn’t translate to anything on the UI side.




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