How to Send Zapier Profile User ID in http request while configuring an app using API Key authentication ?

  • 19 July 2021
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I created an app on zapier (dummy name) “xyz”.

I am a developer of “xyz” app who is integrating the “xyz” plugin into zapier.

I configured this app by selecting the authentication method as “API Key Authentication”. While configuring it, I provided the API endpoint URL. For this config, my API requires an API Key (created in “xyz” app - which will be entered by user making a zap) and Zapier User Profile ID (created in “Zapier”). I found something called as “Zapier CLI” where I found “zapier users:get” command.


Now, Is this the only way to fetch zapier user profile ID ??

If yes, then how I can use this in Zapier code mode (may be using z object).

If no, then is there any easier way other than this. 


Thanks in advance.



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The Zapier CLI users:* command helps you manage users you have invited to test/use unpublished version of your integration. This is equivalent to the functionality in the “Sharing” section of the UI.

Zapier does not expose Zapier user profile or account information.

If you want to log/monitor a user’s Zapier activity, tie the api key to their account information within your API/service implementation. Assuming your goal is logging/monitoring/usage analysis/etc, you can leverage the Zapier http user agent header to discern Zapier traffic. You might also tack on other headers/params in your API invocations to be able to log information about originating trigger/action and version, etc.