How to send data to zapier cli trigger app

  • 27 May 2020
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When any data is added or updated on my server(database) i want to send that data to my zapier app(in trigger).

i have tried with resthook but got confused, where the code is asking for subscribe and unsubscribe and endpoint url.


thank you.

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3 replies

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@TruLead - If you didn’t set up a webhook service on your server that handles the subscription and the unsubscription, then you can just omit performSubscribe and performUnsubscribe from your trigger. This will let you get the webhook URL in the zap editor. You can then copy & paste it in your backend and call it when an event occurs.

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Thanks for your quick reply, it helped to understand.

My issue is for example, in my front end calendar system if someone adds a calendar event, I want to sync with my google calendar, for this, I need to create zap, and each time anything update in my system it will sync to google.

Now, this app will be used by many other users also so I can have one URL which I will configure into my backend so it will sync because here it will be many to many relations, as in my system there will be many users who will have their own calendar and they will sync with own google calendar.

Will you please guide me on how I can achieve this using Zapper?


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Sorry we missed this! Did you get sorted, or do you still need help ?