How to add additional output fields using z-deduper

  • 16 April 2021
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Hello, I’m using z-deduper in a trigger check for updates on my API endpoint. My API returns an array of objects that contains property. I can select a property with a dropdown button to only check for update on this property in each object. In order to do that, I have pretty much the same code as the example provided by the author of the z-deduper package. The only difference is that the object returned only cointains the property and it’s value ( instead of all the properties ). 


My problem is that I need some other properties of the objects as output data to use them in my action ( for example the “id” property or the “label” property of my object ). How can I add those other properties to my outputFields ? I can’t put them into my object because otherwise z-deduper will also detect changes on those properties. 


Thanks :) 

ps: My app is on CLI. 

Informations about z-deduper :

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