Error: Could not find the method to call: searches.

  • 24 March 2022
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Hi Everyone,

I cannot find a forum topic that’s related to my issue.

When creating a new Zap Action, I always get the following when running the Test.

Unhandled error: Error: Error: Could not find the method to call: searches.um_delete_user.operation.perform
What happened:
Executing searches.um_delete_user.operation.perform with bundle

When I check the Advanced > View Source, the method exists:


"searches": {
"um_delete_user": {
"operation": {
"perform": {
"params": {
"user_email": "{{bundle.inputData.user_email}}"
"inputFields": [
"key": "user_email",
"label": "Email Address",
"type": "string",
"required": true,
"list": false,
"altersDynamicFields": false
"key": "um_delete_user",
"noun": "User",
"display": {
"label": "Delete User",
"description": "Finds a User account and then delete it",
"hidden": false,
"important": true


I really appreciate any help that you can provide.



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On that perform I’d expect to see a URL, an HTTP method, probably some headers, or a source definition. Seems like perhaps the definition of that search action is not completely configured?