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  • 19 August 2020
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I have to provide a list of applications as a dynamic dropdown field. I have created a polling type trigger (E.g. getApplications) and set Dropdown source. It is working fine. 

Will this polling type trigger executed for every 5 mins(based on plan type)?

My users need this drop down only while creating a new zap. 

is there any other optimized way to implement this? 



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3 replies

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Hi @srinivas.panyala  Your trigger that powers the dropdown will only get executed when the user loads the Zap Editor to configure a Zap. 


Regular automated polling only happens when a user makes a Zap selecting that trigger and turns it on.


If you don’t want users making Zaps with this trigger, mark it hidden.  This is the common pattern for triggers that are only used to populate dropdowns.

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@andywingrave I am providing a trigger (E.g. New Record) to my users while creating Zap. This trigger required a parameter called “Application Name”. I am providing a dynamic dropdown list to select the application name. I have created a polling trigger(E.g. getApplicationNames) to get the application names.

I have added a dynamic dropdown field to my trigger (E.g. New Record) by selecting Dropdown source as above polling trigger(E.g. getApplicationNames)

Functionality is working fine. I am worried if this polling trigger executes for every 5 mins. I need this to be executed only when a user clicks on Application Name dropdown while creating a Zap.

Please suggest if there is any other way to implement this. 

Refer below screenshots.



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Hello! Welcome to the community.

Please can you give us some more information about what you are asking. Where is your drop-down, for example, as I’m not sure I follow.