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Direct link to apikey generate

  • 7 October 2021
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Im getting this warning in my zap “consider using a direct link to information about auth field "apiKey"”. Following the link to the documentation it says the label string is being read as markdown and you should do it like this: 

Go to the [API Details]( screen from your
Website Dashboard to find your API Key.

 Can anyone explain why this aint workning when i type this in the label field: [Apikey can be generated here](


Probably just missed something easy, but would appreciate the help.




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It’s been a while since this question was asked so I suspect @tchris will have already figured out the answer to this already, but I wanted to share the answer here for anyone also running into this issue.

The Label field does not accept Markdown which is why the link wasn’t working as expected. The link directing users to where they can find an API Key in the app’s settings needs to be entered into the Help Text field, not the Label field:


As the Help Text field accepts Markdown this will allow for the link to be rendered correctly. More details on how to set up an API Key input field can be found here: Add an API Key Input Form