Differences between Integration Versions

  • 18 May 2021
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is anybody here working with CLI ( Plugins? Apps? However you call them) and a backend with different versions?

So given that the users of our integration are on version 1.x they should see field X,Y on their zap configuration form and users with version 2.x should see X,Y,Z..

Is this even possible out of the box?
I couldn’t find anything in the docs except a way to share a specific app version with friends,co-workers etc..


But I guess that’s exactly what I’m needing for my case, but being done automatically by Zapier based on some version returned by the authentication probably?
Also how would we or the users of the zap re-trigger the authentication check once they upgraded to 2.x ?

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If you know which versions users are on from authentication, and your authentication is session or oauth based, you can add it to to the bundle.authData object and retrieve it down the line.

Then you can set your input fields to dynamic fields. Essentially checking to see if bundle.authData.version is equal to 1 or 2. If version 1, then input fields would be X & Y and if version 2 input fields should be X, Y, & Z. Really, I guess x&y would be there regardless and the only dynamic field you need would be Z.