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Cache request that populates dynamic dropdown

  • 23 November 2022
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How can I cache the data that was fetched for dynamic dropdown?

I am building part of the action form based on user defined fields fetched from my API. 

key: 'user_define_fields',
label: 'Map user fields',
required: false,
list: true,
dynamic: '',
helpText: 'Choose custom fields to be mapped.',
altersDynamicFields: true,
function (z, bundle) {
if (!bundle.inputData.custom_fields) return [];

const selectedFields = (el, idx) {
return { key: el, type: 'string' };
return { key: 'user_defined_custom_fields', children: selectedFields };

The issue is that every time user opens the dropdown to add another field (another line item) the resource `customFields` is fetched again. Is this somehow possible to cache that request? 


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4 replies

Thank you for the answer.

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Hi Marcin,

We don’t have any kind of caching mechanism in the platform right now, but it is something we’d like to add.

I wish I had different news for you.

Well, unfortunately that would rarely do the job. Most users have many custom fields and I think this solution tends to be more user friendly despite the loading time.

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Rather than have the end user select fields one at a time… would it perhaps be easier to just load all the custom fields in as dynamic fields?