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Beginner Question: Can you publish your app with only Triggers?

  • 3 March 2021
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Hi there, I am new to Zapier and wanted to know.


Is it possible to publish your app with only Triggers? The reason is that I only want to push information from my website to Zapier and then other web apps added in the Zap. I do not want to receive any new information (New Customer, etc) from other web apps yet.

Unless I totally misunderstood what an Action is for. Because I understand it as.

Triggers - push information to Zapier to be used by another web app (push new customer information)

Action - receive information from Zapier that was pushed by the Triggered App (my app in this case to do something with that data - create a new row in google sheet with the customer)


Sorry if I missed the information in the documentation. It seems that I do need an Action (to push data to my API to store the information) but I am not sure.


Thanks in advance.


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2 replies

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Hi @Troy Tessalone 

Just could not find the information online, should’ve looked at the app directory :relaxed:

Thank you very much!!

Have a great day!


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Hi @bpocallaghan 

Yes, many apps only have triggers OR actions available, and many apps have triggers AND actions available.
Example of triggers only…Facebook Lead Ads:

Example of actions only...Facebook Offline Conversions: