Amazon isn't triggering Neither buyer name nor buyer shipping name

  • 15 April 2020
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I have a Zap between Amazon and trello which creates a card with a buyer name and other atributes when a order is made in my seller account.


The fact is that from a while ago neither the buyer name nor the buyer shipping name are being triggered when the card is created.


All the other atributes such as product name and other things are being triggered 

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3 replies

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Hi @AntoniMujico 

Try checking the “History” tab and opening the record for the most recent time the zap ran. Is the buyer name field still coming through as part of the trigger step data?

The field name may have changed, and if it has, you’ll need to update your field mappings on the Trello step.

Thanks for your response.


It seems like the name is not coming. The synchronized data is this:



{{30499685__ShippingAddress__Name}} - Amazon - 1


May be the field name has changed in the API like you mentioned but Zapier hasn’t updated it yet.

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Try editing the zap, pulling through a fresh trigger sample and seeing if the field perhaps has a different name. Or there is another field you can use?