Allow User To Map Fields Dynamic in a Action

  • 17 September 2022
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I will try to explain what i’m trying to achieve. 
I have a software that have custom fields associated to a contact (meta data).


   name: “John”
   email: “”,
   meta: { 
     key1 : value
    key2: value2 
    // the keys are not fixed


I create an action called Create Contact.
The problem is that this action is simple to map all fields that i know that exist.
But I don’t find a way to make key1 , key2 etc 

There is any way i can in the Action Form create fields on demand based a API request ? 
I try to use dynamic fields but this seems to be a single field i need multiple fields can be 5 , can be 50. 
And I need a dynamic key for each value. 

On my software is easy for me to create a api request GET /custom-fields/zapier
And get all keys. 

If someone can help that would be awesome.
Thank you in advance.

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1 reply

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Hey @MattScaleFast 👋,

As a public app, I see you’ve opened a ticket with our Platform Support team  to discuss this question - great! 

We’ll continue the conversation specific to your app through the Support channel, but loading custom fields from an API call is usually accomplished in the Visual Builder by selecting Dynamic Field in the Input Designer, in order to open Code Mode. 

That allows you to build custom fields from an API call, fetching a list of fields from the custom fields endpoint, and looping over each of the fields in the response, parsing each of those into Zapier's field schema.