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After Removing Zapier Actions And Triggers , Migrate User Not Works.

  • 31 May 2021
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Suppose we have a zapier version 1.20.15, we just clone it and make it a patch version 1.20.16.

Its clone successfully.On this new version (1.20.16) , we removed few triggers and actions.
After that when trying to migrate user to this new version, its say removed action and triggers keys are missing.

Can you please guide how to migrate user to new version after removing (not hiding) few zaps and actions ?

P.S. I also tried by shifting to major version (2.0.0), but still same error).


Also attaching screenshot for the error.


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That’s a breaking change. If any of a users’ Zaps use the triggers/actions that you removed, they would just stop working unexpectedly if that migrate had succeeded. 

Other examples of breaking changes are changing auth, or adding a new required field.

To manage a breaking change, there are three options:

  1. Don’t make a breaking change. :smiley:  If you hide a trigger or action, running Zaps will keep right on working, but anyone making a new Zap won’t see the option. 
  2. Leave users on the old version. Promote the new version. New users/zaps will be configured with the new version of your integration, the old version will be hidden to new users, and the two versions can live side by side as long as your API keeps supporting both.
  3. When you really, really, really need users to stop using the old version, you have to deprecate it. Use this feature sparingly - it’s hard on users. Deprecation will generate an email to users letting them know that something in your integration requires them to come back the Zap Editor to reconfigure Zaps that use your product. You’ll specify a date and on that date all Zaps that haven’t been updated will be paused. It’s a big ask for users, but sometimes API endpoints themselves need to deprecated or teams change their auth method. Deprecation should be reserved as the last option.