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Action with Dynamic Dropdown

  • 22 July 2022
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Hi there,


Apologies for my newbie question.

My users accounts will have “Campaigns” and they can then use the Zap to send CRM data to my platform but linked to a campaign. I am wanting to create an action where it displays a list of the campaigns, user chooses, then assign additional details i.e first name, address etc. The user inputted info will be then sent to my backend with the Zap etc.


I am able to use a hidden trigger to locate the campaigns i.e below:


What I’ve done so far:

  1. Created a hidden trigger that retrieves the details - as above
  2. Assign names on output fields ‘campaign_name’ & ‘Campaign Name’
  3. Created an action, selected Input fields - Dynamic Dropdown. Assigned the details as per below 


  4. I run the test Zap, it says no results - I’m at a loss at what I’m doing wrong? 


Does the trigger automatically run prior to the action being a dynamic field or am I doing something completely wrong?





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HI @stevep 

You have a couple of problems going on. 

Zapier schema dictates that you return an array of objects from a trigger not a nested array of objects. 
ie [{‘campaign_name’: ‘Charities’},{‘campaign_name’: ‘SaaS’}] and not [[{‘campaign_name’: ‘Charities’},{‘campaign_name’: ‘SaaS’}]].


The other issue i see is that Zapier requires all triggers to return an id field in the object. You will need to map over the array to create an id field

return => { = object.campaign_name;
   return object;

Thank you so much. That’s now worked!


I’ve now been able to create a dynamic field to be created based off that drop down. However, I can’t seem to map the ID and the Label to the dynamic dropdown.

  • the response back is a letter_name : “Sample” and id : “1” etc but I can’t for the life of me get it included in the choices as the value. 

 const results = z.JSON.parse(response.content);      
      const field = { label: 'Letter Name', key: 'letter', choices: => x['letter_name']) }
      z.console.log(`here is the dynamic field: ${JSON.stringify(field)}`)
      return field;

If I use the scheme ( as follows like:


 const field = { 
        label: 'Letter Name', 
        key: 'letter', 
        choices: [{ label: String( => x['letter_name'])),
        sample: => x['letter_name']),
        value:>x['letter_id'])}] }

My output is 



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