404 redirect after successful OAuth2

  • 15 September 2022
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I am updating our Zapier integration to use OAuth2 instead of Basic authentication. I have everything working and the right tokens are getting sent. The only issue I have is after making the connection, the main window gets redirected to a bad page ( and the user gets an error page from Zapier

404: Page Not Found

Not all who wander are lost...but you are.

The connection is successfully created and it works fine, but the user is not ending up back on the integration page.

I debugged this a little with dev tools and it looks like after the auth succeeds, Zapier is fetching some metadata from and getting back {"notFound":true} If I change the ‘null.json’ to ‘myapp.json’ then it works fine (and that is the behavior I see with the older version of my integration)

Is this maybe an issue because I am using a Private new version of my integration that is showing up under “Custom integrations” Or is there some metadata that has gotten lost when I converted to the Zapier Platform CLI?

I saw this other post which sounds similar but nobody ever responded 


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Hi @jvert !

I tried to recreate this issue to try to get a closer look, but I couldn’t figure out how to get an API key to authenticate. The instructions on the login window didn’t work for me, as I couldn’t find those elements on the app’s page.

I’m happy to keep an eye out for your response here, but I also want to make sure you know about our excellent platform support team that you can contact while logged in as your developer account from this page.