How do get the error message from the halted Zap when using the Error Handler beta

  • 18 April 2024
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I have a Zap step that has an Error Handler. When the error path is taken I take an action to send out an email notification. I’d like to include the error that was caught in the stopped step in my email notification. Is this possible?




4 replies

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Hi @Neil Moses 

If the error message is returned as a variable from the Zap step, then it can be mapped to following Zap steps using the ‘Custom’ tab.

@Troy Tessalone how can we return the API error message from the Custom Request (Webhook)? When mapping values in the error path, the webhook action, that caused error is not available.


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@Martin Kona 

That may be a current shortcoming of the Zap Error Handler options.

You could try using Paths instead of the Error Handler.

Or you can configure static values in the Error Handler path.

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I’m after the same info. The error data from the error handler which isn’t available as pointed out by Martin.