Warning -- ISO-8601 Date/Time Format

  • 9 September 2021
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Hello Experts, 

while launching my application to Zapier market place, i am getting this warnings on all my zap triggers, Looking for someone who can help 

Here are the details: 

ISO-8601 Date/Time Format in Zap History

To ensure Zapier can correctly parse dates and times, you should always use ISO-8601 format to represent dates or times. Timezone info should also be present if it contains time.

Unlike D023, this check validates the data in the Zap History instead of static samples.

✘ examples of an incorrect implementation:

01 Aug 2019
01 Aug 2019 06:50:30

✔ examples of a correct implementation:


3 replies

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Hey @maro_integrations

It seems you’ve also reached out to our Support Team about this and they’re helping you with this. If you have further questions you can reply on that email thread directly. :)

Hey SamB, i am still looking for the answer to the above

can you please assist

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Hi there, @maro_integrations!


Were you able to check out the response from our support team? It looks like they responded to your email on September 9th with a recommendation. If you haven’t come across it yet, I’d suggest checking your Spam folder or searching your inbox for “@zapier”. I hope this helps!