OAuth Access Token for AAD

  • 2 September 2022
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I’m trying to make a REST API call to an app that uses OAuth2 for authentication AAD.

I need to generate an OAuth Access Token as an action before the next action to make an API call in Zapier. OAuth tokens expire so I would need to run it each time the zap is triggered.

If there are any documents or tutorials to achieve that please share on this thread, thanks 

3 replies

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Hi @Beenish !

We have documentation on how to do Oauth 2 in CLI here and in Visual Builder here. Note that the CLI link also links to an example integration.

It looks like you’ve started to set up the oauth in a visual builder app, including adding in some token refresh configuration. Is that working out for you?

Hi, @shalgrim thanks for your reply.

I’ve started to set up oauth2 in visual builder app. but when running the test I get this error Proof Key for Code Exchange is required for cross-origin authorization code redemption.


I think i’ll try with CLI


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Hey @Beenish ,

Hm, I’m not familiar with that API. Do you have their documentation for how they do Oauth? Have you searched that documentation for that error message?

I tried a Bing search for that error message and it came up with quite a few hits you might find helpful. But if you provide the documentation I could take another look, too. Just let me know!