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Missing the "id" property

  • 1 October 2021
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Hello everybody, i recently tried to create my own Trigger for my Zap.
But after Testing i always get the same error. Is there any way how i could map the “id” from Zapier with one of my id’s from my API? As an example map my TicketId with the “id” that Zapier needs.


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Here would be the Response of my API:

{"asset":null,"starttime":"2021-03-01T15:03:07.447+0000","shortdescription":"Retrium Firmenlizenz","category1":"/ITO/Support/","category2":null,"category3":null,"urgency":"Normal","impact":"Default","priority":"Normal","status":null,"attachments":[],"comments":[],"linksPropertyList":[],"language":"en","lastModified":"2021-03-22T16:09:22.402+0000","_links":{"self":{"href":""},"comments":{"href":""},"attachments":{"href":""}},"ticketId":2749974,"myTicketId":null,"user":{"displayName":"Riedener, Yves","customernumber":""},"assignedToMe":false,"Status":null,"AccountID":null}


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Just wanted to follow up here as spotted @swas24 also reached out to our Support Team about this who confirmed that it is possible to use the TicketID for the ID instead. I wanted to share their suggestion here in case it’s helpful to anyone looking to use a different field for the ID as well:

“yes, that's definitely doable. You can add code (maybe use map() )  within the API Configuration setup to rename the key for the TicketID field to ID, then make sure that gets returned to Zapier instead of TicketID. ”

If you’re unsure of the code to use for that, I’d recommend checking out the example Zane shared in this related topic: