How do we track which user are using our application in Zapier?

  • 29 June 2020
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We just published our application in Zapier, which allows our system to transferred the data to another app.


We I know if there a way for us to track the our user (our system user) that actually use the app? Any suggestion or work around it that you guys can suggest is highly appreciated!

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2 replies

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Hi @Shahrinrezal - Thank you for your question! So that we can get you the right type of support, we kindly ask that you direct all developer support questions to our Support team directly: - This helps us get an accurate capture of your account details so that we may assist you quickly. Thank you for understanding!

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@Shahrinrezal There’s a couple of ways you can get some information, but it’s much more generic:

They’re all found on the platform under the left sidebar, even for CLI apps. 

Versions shows how many zapier users are using which version

Analytics gives you usage by trigger and by action

And finally Montoring gives you all the log files you could ever want or need. 

It’s not just a pretty chart, click on a dot on the chart and the log entries show up below it. 


But all of those will not give you a list of your system’s userid’s which are using the app. 


So natively, no, Zapier’s platform doesn’t provide that for you.


There are workarounds but it’s mostly on your server/API to be able to record/report the data. Meaning: you can add a header of x-platform-id:zapier to every API call and add x-user-id:5445 to every API call (haveing the userid actually be dynamic and the actual user id of your system)  and then you can query your own server/API logs for those userids/zapier headers. 


You can also call a different URL for every API call, for example you could request inside each of your actions/triggers and then review your Google Analytics reports to see all of the userid’s that hit that URL. However this would inflate your Google Analaytics page views AND contains PII which is a no-no for Google Analytics. So I would not recommend doing this using Google Analytics, instead just have a better logging system on your API endpoint server.