How do custom fields work?

  • 27 March 2022
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I’m populating custom fields with the help of Dynamic Fields. 

I’ve a situation to confirm.

ex: I’ve a dynamic Field API => fetch-dynamic-fields which loads custom fields including (subtype with altersDynamicFields.)

Does dynamically created field having  

'altersDynamicFields' => true,

will depend on

fetch-dynamic-fields API

1 Here I’ve to build logic by prams. does this normal/correct?
2- I’ve to build multiple dynamic-fields to entertain dynamic subtype?


currently I’m following approach-1 where my subtype custom field is dependent on parent dynamic-field

'key'=> 'subtype',
'label'=> 'How Often Will These to-do Be?',
'choices' => [
'daily' => 'Daily',
'weekly' => 'Weekly',
'altersDynamicFields' => true,
'show_under' => 'recurring'


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