[feature request] Add last polling time and/or last pulled id in Trigger of type polling

  • 26 September 2022
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I’d like to suggest a new feature, i don’t know if this is the right channel to do so; if not, please point me to it.

# What

The feature is pretty simple, yet it could be extremely useful for developers.

It consists in making the last polling datetime (and/or the last id pulled) available in the trigger->”configure your api request” environment.

This could be extremely useful for api developers, as if one could pass this information to his backend, the backend could alter the resulting array of objects in order to return only the new elements. By “new” i mean only the elements created since the last polling datetime or the elements with an id greater than the last pulled id.

# Why

As your community suggested in the following topics:



… At the moment, the “official” correct way to setup a polling trigger is to return the elements created in the past 30m to 2h, since the polling occurs every 15m (or less).

But this solution is not perfect, as downtimes can occur both on Zapier’s side or the backend’s side.

Yes i can trust that You (Zapier) fix whatever downtime occurs pretty quickly, even though any corporation could have hours and hours of downtime... even the biggest websites can fail for multiple hours (in just 2021, see Facebook, Akamai, Cloudflare, AWS (don’t you use AWS too?) ).

But i also have to consider that my company’s backend could fail, for multiple hours or even days if the problem is not fixed promptly, for example if the fail occurs when the company is closed (weekends).

And what happens if a downtime of 2+ hours occurs, and my polling trigger returns just the past 2 hour’s new elements? Anything in between is lost...

# How

The information could be added to the bundle object, for example, and used in URL params/HTTP headers/request body like this:

And consequently my backend could use the information to perform precise queries.



Please let me know if this could be feasible, or if there’s already some other way to accomplish all of this.


Thank you for your time,

have a nice day,


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