Connection error to MySQL on linode cluster

  • 21 March 2022
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Hi. I am trying to connect to MySQL with Zapier via a webhook. They I have added access control for the for And ranthe following commands:

CREATE USER 'zapier'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON your_database.your_table TO 'zapier'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

I am still getting an error.  

"We hit an error adding your new account
authentication failed: Could not connect with zapier@ and provided password. The response we got from the server is included below for debugging purposes. (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (2059, "Authentication plugin 'b'sha256_password'' not configured") (Background on this error at:"

I am out of ideas on how to fix this issue.  It could be a problem with the certificate not being trusted, but I don't know how to fix that.

Has anyone else seen this issue?



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2 replies

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Not directly on point with your question, but curious if you’ve looked a the official MySQL integration rather than trying to do this in a webhook?

Sounds like your question might be around configuring MySQL itself though rather than connecting to it from a remote client?

Thanks for the replay, Zane.

I guess I worded that wrong.  I am not actually trying to connect to MySQL with a Webhook.  I am using the Zapier/MySQL integration.  The webhook is a connection to a 3rd party webform that returns the data that I then need to store in MySQL after a customer fills out the form. 

I’m pretty sure there is a configuration issue with the MySQL server but since it is set up on linode cloud, I don’t have a lot of ability to look at and update configuration.  I am kind of stuck at the point now.  Since I posted this, I was able to connect to MySQL with the Zapier account I created via MySQL Workbench once but now I can’t seem to connect to with any account.  I restarted the server and now can’t connect at all.

I have been looking into alternative solutions other than MySQL.  We are not 100% tied to using MySQL to store the data.  It is a simple flat one table/ one row per customer database that we need.  Nothing fancy or relational.