Best practice for managing development environments

  • 10 December 2021
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We are starting out our project on Zapier platform and would like to understand what are the best practices around managing different development environments.

Let’s say we have three environments: Production, Staging & Develop.

Option 1:

Should we use versions to separate out deployed zap using “versions”? Like

Develop being “1.0.0-develop” or “1.0.1-develop” (next version)

Staging being “1.0.0-staging”

Production being “1.0.0”

Develop & staging would be private zaps & production would be public. 

Option 2:

Create 3 different CLi integrations name Production, Staging, Develop. Manage zap versions as

Develop has “1.0.0” & “1.0.1” (future version)

Staging has “1.0.0”

Production has “1.0.0”

And during CI\CD we link Zapier folder to appropriate integration.

It will be great to know other’s experience managing development environments.


Edited: Forgot to mention, Develop & staging point to there own backend APIs.

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