Webhook is returning values, but when I try to use them they are blank

We have automated a credit check using a zapier webhook. This works successfully - I am returned the correct values as expected. However, when I try to use these values in another zap, when it runs, the values are blank. 


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Hi @Cloovercam!

I can see that when you’ve added the ‘test value from webhook’ field, it looks like it’s not coming through. Could you please describe your Zaps in more detail? It looks like the information is correctly being sent to Gmail, are the fields not showing up in another step in the same Zap? Or are you using the Gmail to trigger another Zap and the fields aren’t coming through there?

If we know a bit more about the issue you’re seeing, we can hopefully help you to figure out why those values are coming back blank. 


Hey Danvers, 

Thanks for your quick response and for helping :). 

Here is expected outcome and actual outcome steps. 

Expected outcome: 

  1. Social security number is sent to credit check company via webhook 
  2. Webhook returns values (Approved or Not Approved) as well as some other data points.
  3. Values returned from step 2. are emailed to via gmail. 

Actual outcome:

  1. Social security number is sent to credit check company via webhook ​​​​​​​
  2. Webhook returns values (Approved or Not Approved) as well as some other data points.
  3. Blank values are being emailed via gmail. 

I am being returned values in step 2, and these are being used to populate an email, but for some reason the values are coming out as blank. 

I have added some more example screenshots fyi


And note, the gmail step is just an example. I have also tried to populate a gsheet and other things. 


The actual use for this is to populate a docusign contract which will then be sent out to the customer. But for what ever reason the values from the webhook seem to be coming out as blank :/ 

@Danvers - Forgot to tag you :) 

Here is a video of the problem -

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Hi @Cloovercam

That’s something I’ve not seen before with webhooks. From your screenshots and video, everything looks like it’s set up correctly but I can see that the values from the webhooks just aren’t being added to the action for some reason. 

This is definitely something that the Support Team will be better equipped to help you with as they can look at the Zap logs to see if there’s something odd happening there. When you contact them, include a link to this post so they can see everything that you’ve described (to save you from having to do it twice!) and don’t forget to share a link to the Zap that you’re having trouble with. 

I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more help here and fingers crossed you’re able to get to the bottom of things!

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Here’s what I suspect the issue is related to.

The variable labels have curly brackets {}.

Zapier uses double {{variable}} syntax.

So that syntax breaks when the variable label itself has curly brackets {}.

Essentially it becomes {{{variable}}}, which Zapier doesn’t interpret as a valid variable syntax.

Thus why no variable value is populated in the Zap actions.


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Hey Dear, In your subsequent Zap where you are using Yo maps the values from the webhook, double-check the field mapping. Ensure that you are mapping the correct fields from the webhook trigger to the action step. I hope yyou will understand it.


If you're facing an issue where your webhook returns values but they appear blank when used, start by checking the response format, ensuring proper error handling, and confirming authentication. Double-check your code for accurate parsing of the response and verify data availability at the time of the request. Implement logging to track the data flow and check the webhook endpoint's health. If problems persist, examine caching mechanisms and, if needed, contact the webhook provider for assistance. 

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Ensure that the data returned by the webhook is formatted correctly. Sometimes, data may be returned in a specific format (such as JSON or XML) that needs to be parsed correctly before it can be used nba bite. Make sure you're parsing the data appropriately to extract the values you need.

The script accurately parses the required information and sends it to my desired destination, but when I try to use this extracted data in subsequent zaps buddha god, it appears to be garbled or incomplete. It's perplexing because the script outputs the correct data format, yet somewhere along the line, it seems to get jumbled up.