Webhook help - duplicate projects in Asana

  • 8 August 2022
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I hope someone could help me please.

I have been following the community post on ‘how to duplicate existing projects in Asana’ 

I followed the instructions fully. Originally, I got the error message  "Could not parse request data, invalid JSON". but when I saw this above, I added commas and removed “task_collaborators” as recommended by some others.

Now I am getting a different error message - The app returned "No matching route for request"


{ "data": { "include": [ "members", "task_notes", "task_assignee", "task_subtasks", "task_attachments", "task_dates", "task_dependencies", "task_tags", "task_projects" ], "name": "Pipedrive: Person ID Name:xxxx", "schedule_dates": { "should_skip_weekends": true, "start_on": "Select relevant field here" }, "team": "Select relevant field or enter team ID here" } }

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5 replies

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Hi @JulieAL 

Good question.

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured in order for us to have proper context, thanks.

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Hello @Troy Tessalone 

thank you for taking the time to respond.

I have attached 3 screenshots showing the Zap and the error message I receive. I’ve erased the unique ID numbers… is it correct that the webhook token is over 40 characters? Do I use the entire number as the token after the word ‘Bearer’?



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Hi @JulieAL 

Asana Reference:

Asana API Endpoint:


Check your API PAT (Personal Access Token):

Also, make sure to include the Accept Header.


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@Troy Tessalone 

thank you so very much for your help Troy, however, I still cannot get this to work.

I am not in any way a developer, so, really don’t understand how to diagnose the issue. I am simply following the instructions given in the referenced post from the community.

Are you able to provide more detailed information on what I am doing wrong?

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Perhaps it might be worth hiring a Zapier Expert: